Freaky Friday: Five of the strangest hobbies

Need a new hobby, read our list of unusual hobbies

Breaking away from the monotony of life, hobbies offer an idealistic escape from reality. But when choosing a hobby, why go along with the usual selection?

Why restrict yourself and imagination to spending time making model trains…that is just boring? If you want a hobby, be sure to check out our selection of the five strangest hobbies.

Playing dead
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Chuck Lamb, the Dead Body Guy in action.

Yes, you read correct. Chuck Lamb, The Dead Body Guy, likes to play dead. In fact, he is so into his hobby that he takes photos and videos of himself playing dead. Why would he do this? To post them on his website of course. After all, what’s the use of enjoying a hobby if you can’t share it with others. His unusual hobby has attracted over 32 million hits to his website. Just goes to show, you don’t have to choose a lively hobby.

newcastillian, hobbies, freak friday
Mooing like a cow is apparently a rather popular hobby.

As the saying goes, different strokes for different folks. Young Austin Siok enjoys mooing and is so good at it, that he won the annual mooing contest at the Wisconsin State Fair in 2010, yes there is a real contest, no jokes. Apparently, he has been mooing since kindergarten and sounds almost like a real cow. But he is not alone and mooing seems to be rather popular in the United States. Moooo-ve over Clover, it seems there is a new cow in the medow.

Collecting Ecstasy Pills
newcastillian, hobbies, freak friday
Collecting Ecstasy is not recommended.

As interesting as this hobby might sound, I won’t suggest taking up this hobby, due to certain legalities. A Dutch man who has spent the better part of 20 years collecting 2 400 ecstasy pills. However, in 2009 the collection was stolen. Despite the illegal nature of his collection, the unidentified man did report it to the police.

I suppose if he could’t enjoy his collection anymore, why should anyone else?

Navel Fluff Collector
newcastillian, hobbies, freak friday
Collecting navel fluff is a rather gross hobby, but a hobby nonetheless.

I have no words . Why anyone will choose to have this as a hobby is utterly beyond me. But, Graham Barker collects his own navel fluff and actually has a Guinness World Record recognising his collection, honk. Starting his collection in 1984, Barker keeps the navel fluff in carefully labeled jars.

Hikaru Dorodango

Newcastillian, Hobbies, Freaky Friday

Hikaru Dorodango is polishing dirt, believe it or not. But how is polishing dirt even possible? Basically, you make a ball of mud and take all the moisture out of it. While drawing out moisture, you coat it with finer and finer grains of soil. Once done, polish the ball of dirt by hand until it is a glossy sphere of art.

How effective is this technique? Well, the Mythbusters actually used it to prove that you can polish a piece of turd. Not that anyone would like to polish a turd. I hope.


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