Flies, cockroaches and pigeons in your food and juice

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Ever wonder why your chocolate has tiny crunchy bits? Hmmm… can you say, Cockroaches.

According to ABC News, the average chocolate apparently contains eight insect parts, yum. Ever bite into a chocolate and you get that weird little flavour burst through your mouth and you just can’t put your finger on what it is? Well, it most likely was parts of a few cockroaches and not some new trending variant.

Nothing compares to an ice-cold juice on a sweltering hot day or making the health conscious decision to buy a fruit juice over a soft drink. However, before sipping on your favourite, perfectly packaged juice, there is something you might want to know…drum roll please?

Filled with vitamins and ladened with sugar, fruit juice also contains a fair share of protein that many are unaware of. It seems fruit juice contains a certain number of flies and bugs. This can’t be, can it? Unfortunately, it is, and it is apparently unavoidable.

One of the biggest problems citrus farmers face, is the presence of scale bugs in their plantations. While these bugs are usually controlled through insecticides, many do develop an immunity against these poisons. It gets better…

While manufacturers try to ensure the fruit is properly cleaned, buckets of bugs do slip past the system and find themselves becoming one of the main ingredients of your delicious beverage or should I say protein shake. Oh yes and the main culprit is none other than flies…honk.

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Time to get real…fruit flies allegedly have a fetish for laying their eggs in tomato sauce. Next time you enjoy a plate of slap chips, think about the added flavour floating around in your favourite brand of tomato sauce.

“We eat what Bear Grills eats, ours just comes from a shelf or fridge”- Random person.

But is fruit juice and T-sauce the only place where you can find the occasional bug? No, of course not, it seems that bugs are crawling through the cracks to get to your favourite foods.

For those who prefer savouries and are laughing at the sugar addicts, don’t laugh too much. Apparently, cockroaches often slip into peanut butter, macaroni, fruit, cheese, popcorn and wheat…good luck eating those again.

But it seems that bugs are not the only living creatures that make their way into our foods. A video clip released in October 2016 shows pigeons eating grain out of a Russian grain grinder at a brewery. This is rather unhygienic and by the time you have watched the below video, well….you will see.

The video shows pigeons disappearing along with the grain into the grinder.

Beer + Pigeon = a 6 pack of your favourite frosties!

Be sure to watch the video:

This leaves one to wonder, what makes its way into your bread or favourite spices. Have you ever found a bug or any other creepy crawly in your food? If so, rest assured that you are not alone. Let us know of your gross moment below.

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