Standard Bank business forum with local Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

Chinese and Taiwanese investing in Newcastle’s future.

Banking on Newcastle’s business future, Standard Bank is investing in the community on a daily basis.

On Tuesday, February 27, Standard Bank hosted a business forum meeting with members of the Chinese and Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce and Industry. Because of the number of Chinese and Taiwanese families in Newcastle, the bank believes it is vital to work closely with its clientele.

In fact, Standard Bank has played an instrumental role in the recent Chinese New Year celebrations. Working closely with the two chambers to ensure their events were a success.

Newcastillian, Standard Bank, Newcastle
The Standard Bank team.

As one of the largest banks in Africa, Standard Bank wants to play an instrumental role in business development in SA and of course right here in Newcastle. Through working with the Chinese community, Standard Bank hopes to eventually solidify a deal with the Bank of China. Through working with the Bank of China, Standard Bank hopes to see future growth in the country and within our ever progressing city.

The event on Tuesday evening focused on investment, development and furthering the marketplace among things. With Standard Bank looking at how it can assist the Chinese and Taiwanese community, in further aiding their already highly noted business success. Standard Bank is constantly looking at mediums in which to further drive the message home, that they are the bank of choice within South Africa. This unique and informative event most certainly was one to remember and note.

Finding the night highly educational and informative, Chinese and Taiwanese business owners are now looking forward to seeing Newcastle’s economic standard rise to new heights in the up and coming months and years.


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