Drakies challenged Leon’s Air Time Obstacle Course

Drakies challenged Leon’s Air Time Obstacle Course.

Undergoing a grueling test of fitness, the motivated Drakensberg Primary School’s Rugby First Team, is set to dominate on the field this season.

The squadron, comprises of 22 Grade 7 learners, whom took on the daunting and challenging course which Air Time Obstacle Course has on offer. This will form part of their pre-season training and and prep work as the season gets underway.

Drakensberg Primary School, Newcastillian

Going through the obstacles and pushing their bodies to the limit, the players quickly learned about the importance of hand-eye coordination, over-all body strength, conditioning and quick reflexes.  As you would agree, this is a fantastic initiative from Drakies for their up and coming players.

Determined to become a formidable team, the Drakensberg First Rugby Team is sure to drop some jaws in the upcoming rugby season. The Air time Obstacle Course is a power house workout, which challenges contenders on various levels and the players will not forget their experience anytime soon.

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