Taiwanese community celebrates the Year of the Dog

Welcoming the Taiwanese New Year

A sense of excitement surges through the room, the gleeful sound of laughter touches the air. The night’s focus on new beginning.

The Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry hosted its New Year celebration on Saturday, February 24. The Year of the Dog welcomed with enthusiasm, as friends and family unite. With a variety of cultural dances, speeches by dignitaries encouraging growth and development, the night is one to be remember.

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Taiwanese children perform a cultural dance.
With the Taiwanese welcoming the Year of the Dog with a festive flair, the community is looking forward to seeing the dawn of a prosperous new year.

While Saturday evening focused on the festive celebrations, Sunday, February 26, took a spiritual turn. Chinese and Taiwanese families gathered at the Nan Hua Buddhist Temple in Victoria Street. Praying for a year filled with peace, compassion, prosperity and well-being for all, the morning was one of soothing calm.

Following the prayer, dances were performed to close off the day’s proceedings which was then followed by a guests enjoying an afternoon together.

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