Supermom Mandisa Nxele, raising her family one day at a time

Supermom Mandisa Nxele, a woman of strength

Agatha Christie once said, “A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity, it dates all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path.”

Working as a full-time clinical psychologist at Newcastle Regional Hospital, while raising four children, Mandisa Nxele is a Supermom of note. Her life’s purpose is dedicated to seeing her children flourish and showing them unconditional love.

“My children are Vuyiswa who is 10-years-old, Uyanda who is seven, and my twins Uminathi and Zibusiso who are three.”

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But how does she manage to juggle her career, while raising her children? Especially with her husband working out of town on a regular basis.

“It is very hectic, but I stick to a strict routine. That is the only way I cope. I wake up at 5am and do my morning devotionals. Then at 6am, my nanny and I wake the children up and get them ready for school. By 7am, we are off to school.”

However, waking four children up is not always an easy task. “During winter, Uyanda can be a bit challenging, as he doesn’t always want to get up,” she laughs.

After taking the children to school, Mandisa goes to work. “Then during lunch, I go and fetch the twins. My two older children usually take the school bus home.”

But once they are home, it is time to focus on extracurricular activities and homework. “Vuyiswa does drummies, netball, swimming and is in the choir. Zibusiso loves rugby and plays it at school.”

While juggling her family life and career, Mandisa says that at the end of the day it is all worth it. “When I get home in the afternoons from work, I hoot at the gate and all my children come running out to open the gates for me.”

Watching their smiles as they run to the gate melts her heart. But their love for their mother does not end there.

Uyanda picks flowers from the garden on a regular basis for his mother. “The twins have picked it up as well and I love it. The flowers soften my day,” Mandisa smiles.

Despite being three-years-old, Zibusiso is classified as the family’s gentleman. “He is a true gentleman and disciplinarian. If I just say that I would love a cup of coffee, he runs to make sure a cup is made,” Mandisa laughs.

However, his twin brother Uminathi is more fun loving and loves Mr Bean. “If Mr Bean is on the television, he won’t respond to anything. He absolutely loves the show.”

With her world revolving around her children, Mandisa advises new mothers to practice patience. “Children need patience and to be loved. It is important to listen to them and their opinions. I believe in practising emotional support at home. If a child feels emotionally secure, they can achieve anything,” she concluded.

Bestowing unconditional love on her children, what do her children think of her?

“My mom is the best. She allows me to do the sports which I enjoy. She also teaches me a lot and is always willing to help me with anything,” says Vuyiswa.

Uyanda claims Mandisa is the best mother, because she allows him to play rugby. “It is my favourite sport and I love it.”

Mdu, Mandisa’s husband, claims he is often left in awe by his wife. “What makes Mandisa a supermom is the amazing strength she demonstrates in raising our four children in my absence as I work in Durban. I have watched her maintaining a balance between her challenging job and family matters, paying close attention to the progress of our children in school.”

Mdu says that Mandisa constantly teaches their children in biblical principles, ensuring they stayed on the straight and narrow. “She is wise, organised and strong. She is a Supermom.”

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  • 23rd Feb 2018 at 6:40 pm

    She’s a God sent and it great to know that people like her still exist. We can only learn from her. Thank you Supermom Mandisa Nxele.


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