With izinwele ezinhle , comes great care.

The ideal way for African queens to care for their hair.

The quest for radiant hair is an arduous journey, often filled with uncertainty. While hair does not make the woman, great hair makes a woman feel like a the only woman on earth.

The African woman is a unique individual, her hair a trademark of her beauty and distinctiveness. In the pursuit of hair care, how does the African woman ensure her hair is cared for? What should she do to ensure her hair maintains it luxurious, natural gleam?

Nosipho Vuveka of The Beauty Lounge explains there are a lot of things which affect African women’s hair.

“A good hair food is needed to nourish both the hair and scalp. Hair treatment is also vital, as it helps nourish the hair roots and encourages hair growth,” she explained.  But selecting the ideal hair treatment can be a daunting experience. Nosipho explains this is because there is a variety of hair treatment products on the market.

“Hair needs a healthy type of oil. So, it is instrumental that you acquire hair treatments with the right types of oil. The oil helps with hair growth, as well as making your hair stronger,” she emphasises. Types of hair oils women can look into are coconut oil, olive oil and caster oil. “These are all good for stimulating the hair and scalp.”

Washing one’s hair on a regular basis with a decent shampoo and conditioner are also recommended. “A lot of Black ladies often neglect conditioner, but it is important as it helps balance the hair’s ph. levels and softens it.”

For women who have an issue with dandruff and flaky scalp, Nosipho explains the solution can be found in the kitchen. “You can apply egg yolk to your hair while it is wet. Wrap a towel around your head and let it soak in a bit. Afterwards, rinse your hair off with shampoo and apply conditioner.”
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Lebo Mofokeng shows the ideal way to plat hair.

Want to have plats applied to your hair? Before you do, Nosipho says it is pivitol that a woman speaks to her stylist about the tightness of the plats. “Some stylists make the plats too tight and this results in the hairline thinning out and loss of hair. Always speak to your stylist and let them know if the plats are too tight. This actually applies to braids and weaves as well,” Nosipho explained.

When it comes to women who prefer the natural look, sporting the classical Afro, a style which is as captivating in today’s society as it was in the 60s, Nosipho believes there is a way to minimise shrinkage. “Before going to sleep, plat your hair and then take the plats out the next morning and brush your hair out.”

For women using hair irons and other products to relax their hair, Nosipho says it is important to have hair treatment every two weeks. “Especially after ironing your hair, hair treatment ensures your hair does not break.”

As a beauty therapist at The Beauty Lounge, working alongside her two hair stylists Lebo Mofokeng and Gabi Dlamini, Nosipho encourages African women to look after their hair and rock their beauty.

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