Using WhatsApp on your Landline…Say What?

WhatsApp, no longer just for mobile phones.

The communications world is one of constant change. From SMS to BBM and then Whats app. It is constantly diversifying and refining its platforms. Now welcome to the next revolution from the facebook owned giant, Landline messaging.

WhatsApp is one social network which is breaking barriers down when it comes to linking people. This comes after the launch of WhatsApp Business, which adds an entirely new dimension to the messaging service. In what way is WhatsApp Business changing communication technology? Well, it allows companies and their customers to communicate in an official and secure way.

WhatsApp, Newcastillian

Furthermore, in the upcoming months, entrepreneurs will be able to use the platform to sell their wares. However, one of the biggest features that it offers, is allowing you to hook up your WhatsApp account to a landline number and not your mobile number.

That’s right, no longer is the app restricted solely to your cellphone or computer. While businesses will benefit from this, the private sector will also be allowed to download WhatsApp Business and use it.

To use WhatsApp Business, you will need a cellphone to run the application.  You will then register your landline number, instead of the number related with your SIM card. But how do you do this? Once you’ve downloaded WhatsApp Business, all you have to do is notify the app that you will rather be registering your landline number.

Usually, WhatsApp will send an SMS to verify your mobile number. In this case, you will need to select a Call Me option. After you receive the call and verify your number, you will be able to use WhatsApp Business the same way as you would with your cell number.

This allows users to give their phone numbers out, without having to give out their personal cell numbers.

With dawn of the new era of communication, the digital world is sure to improve our way of life and business in the future.

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