Jacob Zuma resigns as South African president

Jacob Zuma steps down as president.

Jacob Zuma has officially resigned as President of South Africa.

Addressing the media at the Union Building in Pretoria on Wednesday, February 14, Jacob Zuma explained his resignation comes following the National Executive Committee’s (NEC) verdict to have him recalled. Despite disagreeing with the NEC, Zuma says he will adhere to the decision.

While stepping down as president of the country, Zuma is adamant he will still play an active role in the ANC. He claimed he will be working for the promotion of projects he believes in, such as economic transformation. As he describes being president as a learning curve, lessons learned might help him in his new initiatives.

president jacob zuma resigns

While planning for the future, he claims he is looking at the ANC for answers. He wants them to articulate the reasons on what they think he has done wrong. He also says there was an agreement, should there be a need for him to vacate office, he would have a transition period.

Resigning with immediate effect, Zuma claims he served South Africans to the best of his ability.

Serving as president since 2009, Zuma claims his term will be something that he will cherish for his entire life. “I wish to thank members of Cabinet, Deputy Ministers and the whole of government, national, provincial and local, for the positive spirit and cooperative manner in which we all worked.”

Thanking the ANC, as well as other political parties and organisations, Zuma believes everyone who worked together during his time as president helped move South Africa forward.

Jacob Zuma’s resignation is being met with mixed emotions. Some people find themselves disappointed, while others are ecstatic about the decision. What are your thoughts on his resignation? Do you think South Africa will benefit from his resignation or not? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section.

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