The lost children of Newcastle find hope

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The lost children of Newcastle find hope

Nothing can compare to the unconditional love shared among a family.

However, there are children who will never experience the soft embrace of their mother, the wisdom of a doting father or the support of loving siblings.

These children too often slip through the cracks and find themselves engulfed in a dark, lonely world.

But, there is a place where these children can find a caring and nurturing home.

The Hope in Christ Mission in Ingogo is a sanctuary for children who have no place to call home. A place where they are not a mere name on an official document, but an individual who is loved and cared for.

Hope in Christ was established in 2005 by Sarah Holland. With a steely determination to create a loving home for children, she moved into a house on the property where the organisation is situated.

Despite there being no water, lights, toilets, Sarah was undaunted and resolute as ever. Even the fact that house was riddled with broken walls did not deter her from her task. Sarah worked hard and repaired the damage to the best of her ability. Then, in 2006, an abandoned baby girl was brought to her.

Thereafter, several more children were place in her care. But these children were not carefree or joyful. Instead, these children came from households where they were abused or neglected. Some had been abandoned.

Despite their different backgrounds, they all needed hope and love. Which they found in Sarah’s care.

By February 2010, there were nine children in Hope in Christ’s care. However, that same month, tragedy struck, and the home was engulfed in flames. Eight of the nine children burned to death, as did Sarah and two of her colleagues. The three adults bravely attempted to fight the inferno to try and save the children. In fact, such was Sarah’s efforts, that she was awarded the silver mendi medal award for bravery at the 2011 Presidential awards, posthumously.

While Sarah Holland died, her memory and dream lived on and in October 2010, the home amended its constitution and drafted building plans to build a child and youth care centre. Donations flooded in and within time, Hope In Christ benefitted from the kindness of others.

This is because a survey was conducted by the Department of Social Development in May 2010, to determine if a child and youth care centre was needed. The department’s findings reflected that several children in the Amajuba District needed assistance and a place to stay.

Through the findings, the Hope in Christ building plans were approved in November 2012. The plans to build on the site of the original home started by Sarah began. But, the resurrection of Hope in Christ holds a rich significance, as it rises again under the leadership of Andrew Pienaar, Sarah’s son. He runs Hope in Christ with his wife Jo-Ann.

Both Andrew and Jo-Ann live and manage the home with a team of dedicated caregivers and a social worker.

Hope in Christ currently houses 18 children, providing them with a loving, safe and secure home. A place where their vulnerabilities will be replaced with confidence and strength.

Determined to make a positive difference in their lives, the Hope in Christ staff need the community’s help.

To ensure a child receives the best possible care and a bright future, be sure to contact Hope in Christ for more information.

The home can be contacted on 034 318 6373,, or visit them in Ingogo at Kleindal Plot.

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