Freaky Friday: Strange books to read this coming month. No. 2 is ridiculous – Bombproof your horse

Freaky Friday: Strange books to read this coming month

Reading offers an escape from reality and the mundane, but finding a captivating book can prove to be a daunting task.

However, there is a glimmer of hope for Newcastle’s bibliophiles. If you are searching for a book that breaks away from the norm, transporting you to a new way of thinking, be sure to read our list of strange books.

But, be warned, these books are most likely nothing like you have ever read before.

1. Toilet Paper Origami by Linda Wright

While it is unclear how anyone can purchase this book with a straight face, it is sure to provide hours of fun in the lavatory. But would you tell anyone you owned a copy?

2. Bombproof your horse

Are you concerned about your horse being exposed to some villainous fiend? Bid farewell to your worries and be sure to grab a copy of this book from your nearest book store.

3. Eating people is wrong by Malcolm Bradbury

I am not certain why this book exists. However, the author must deem it necessary on why it is important to remind people that they can’t eat their friends…weird.

4. Anyone can be cool but awesome takes practice by Lorraine Peterson

Where was this book when I was in high school? Oh yes in my top pocket.

5. Outwitting Squirrels

Squirrels are nature’s ninjas, if not craftier. This book seems like it can be an interesting read for anyone looking for that edge against the wit of these furry creatures.

5. How to make money in your spare time

As interesting as this book might seem, I don’t think I will be following the author’s financial tips…

6. The manly art of knitting

I honestly did not know there is more than one way of knitting. Guess I was wrong…now we know.

7. How to defend yourself against alien abduction

Alien abduction is a sure fire way to ruin your weekend. Be sure to read this book and minimise your chance of being abducted.

Until the next time,until the next, Freaky Friday.

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