Freemasons celebrate the life of Robert Burns

Freemasons celebrate the life of Robert Burns

Despite the weekend’s thunderous rain, Scottish culture prevailed on Saturday night, January 27.

Freemasons of Coronation Lodge, Scottish Constitution, opened its doors to the community by hosting its annual Burns Supper.

But what is the Burns Supper?

The first Burns Supper was held in 1801, in Alloway, Scotland.

Held by nine of Robert Burns acquaintances and Masonic brothers, the night was focused on celebrating the Scottish poet’s life and works.

The night proved to be so successful, that it caught on and spread around the globe like wildfire.

Now, 217 years later, the Burns Supper is still a highlight on many Scottish and Masonic calendars around the globe.

On Saturday night, Freemasons and their guests enjoyed the exotic taste of haggis, the sounds of bagpipes and the history of Robert Burns.

Billy Villiers plays the bagpipes at the Burns Supper.

But who is Robert Burns?

Born on January 25, 1759, Robert was the oldest of seven children. His father, William Burnes, was a tenant farmer.

While not enjoying financial security, Robert Burns was destined for greatness.

This is thanks to his father’s insistence that he received an education.

Becoming a flourish poet, Burns is now considered a pioneer in the Romantic Movement.

In fact, his work has even inspired the founders of liberalism and socialism.

While paying homage to Robert Burns’ life and works, the event played another role.

Funds raised at the event will be shared among local charities.

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