Saving lives one pint at a time

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Saving lives one pint at a time

Superheroes don’t always wear capes, nor do they need mutant powers to save others.

Sometimes, all one needs is the willingness to make a difference.

St Dominics Newcastle learners dedicated a morning to saving lives, one pint at a time.

St Dominics Newcastle, Newcastillian
St Dominics teacher, Benita Swanepoel does her part to save a life.
South African National Blood Services (SANBS) held a blood clinic at the school, where learners had the opportunity to donate blood.

“For me, the importance of donating blood is that it saves lives,” explained Asande Mbatha, the leader of St Dominics Academy’s Peer Promoters group.

Peer promoters are learners who assist SANBS to set up blood clinics at schools, and encourage other learners to donate blood.

“We also give donors something to eat and drink, while donating blood,” Asande explained.

Determined to save lives through donating blood, the day proved to be a successful endeavour.

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