St Dominics Newcastle set to take 2018 by storm

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St Dominics Newcastle set to take 2018 by storm

Education plays an instrumental part in anyone’s life.

Former South African President, Nelson Mandela claimed education was the most powerful weapon one could use to change the world.

Arming learners with the knowledge and education to face the world, St Dominics Newcastle is geared up for 2018.

“We are looking at building on our academic success, where we have had a 100 percent pass rate for the past 32 years,” said an enthused Bryn Thomas, the Executive Head of St Dominics Newcastle.

In fact, the school has excelled to such a degree it was invited to the Curro Gala Function on Saturday, January 13, at Emperor’s Palace.

St Dominics Newcastle Executive Head, Bryn Thomas, holds up the awards which St Dominics recently clinched
St Dominics Newcastle Executive Head, Bryn Thomas, holds up the awards which St Dominics recently clinched.

With 63 Curro schools represented at the event, St Dominics clinched the coveted spot of first place as its matric pass rate and academic records spoke volumes.

Ready for any challenges, Mr Thomas said it was determined to help the community reach its full potential through giving its learners the best possible education.

“We want to send the children out, to let them make a difference in our town and country.”

St Dominics Newcastle’s education was not solely fixated on book learning.

“I always tell parents that they need to believe in their children, their child could be the next leader of the country.”

Desiring to see its learners becoming leaders, whether it was in academics, sports or community-orientated communities, Mr Thomas said it was imperative each child become a good world citizen.

How is this achieved?

Mr Thomas said this is done through developing life skills.

“In my view, manners and respect are important.”

Through the proper manners and respect, children can interact with a diverse group of people, reaching their full potential.

Seeing learners reach their full potential brought about a sense of job satisfaction.

“We have the privilege and opportunity to mould future generations. We as teachers can’t be wasting time, what we need to do is make an impact.”

Determined to make an impact, has a wide range of facilities to ensure the Class of 2018 soars to new heights.

The facilities include IT rooms, board rooms, a swimming pool, tennis courts, an astro turf and small classes which ensures children receive individual attention.

“We have three new gardens; bird life and it is a wonderful life for learners.”

But St Dominics Newcastle is set to expand on its facilities within the next few months.

“We will start our All-Purpose Centre this year, which will be used for culture and sport,” Mr Thomas said.

Close to R20 million to be spent on the centre and it will sport a coffee shop.

But St Dominics Newcastle is not stopping its journey to greatness with the centre.

“We will be establishing a transformation and diversity committee,” Mr Thomas said.

The committee will consist of parents, teachers and learners. Working as a unit, the three groups will guide the school, improving where necessary.

“We have had a lot of success in the past, but we don’t want to stand still.”

A new sport field will be built for the school’s talented cricket players.

As a Christian school, St Dominics Newcastle will celebrate Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday in February, selling pancakes to learners.

With its upcoming projects, St Dominics Newcastle is well on its way to becoming a haven for goal-orientated learners.

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  • 24th Jan 2018 at 9:14 am

    I am so impressed with all the advancements made since my time at St Dominic’s. May you go from strength to strength.


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