Stop Bullying: Knowing what bullying is

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Stop Bullying: Know what bullying is

A brand-new school year has started, with children facing a variety of new adventures.

While friendships are forged, and learners make their way through the academic year, a monster lurks in almost every school yard.

Its victims walk through their respective school corridors filled with a sense of dread.

As an initiative to combat bullying, the Newcastillian will be doing a series of articles to educate readers about the social ill.

But to stop bullying, one needs to know what it is.

Bullying is aggressive behaviour, where the perpetrator lashes out at their victim to break their self-esteem and sense of worth.

But what classifies as bullying?    

Physical bullying – This includes punching, kicking, tripping, pinching and damaging property.

Verbal bullying – This is verbal abuse which includes insults and demeaning remarks.

Social bullying – This form of bullying is harder to recognise and fight, as it is usually takes behind the victim’s back.

Newcastillian Stop Bullying

Social bullying includes spreading rumours, playing nasty jokes to humiliate a person, or going out of one’s way to damage one’s social reputation.

Cyber bullying – Unlike other forms of bullying, cyber bullying can take place at any time and the victims can never escape their bullies.

Cyber bullying involves abusive or hurtful texts, emails, posts, images or videos. It also includes gossip, rumours and imitating others online.

Bryn Thomas, Principal of St Dominic’s Newcastle, believed forming strong relationships was one of the best ways to combat bullying.

“Spend time with your children. Go for walks, do sport together or even watch television, but spending time with each other helps.”

Encouraging strong relationships, Mr Thomas emphasised the importance of sharing dialogue.

Through a child having good communication with their parents, as well as teachers, the chances of bullying would be minimal.

Mr Thomas also encouraged teachers and parents to communicate, as to determine if they noticed something was wrong.

With a constant flow of communication and showing a child that they are cared for, bullying can be addressed.

Be sure to read next Thursday’s article of Stop Bullying: The signs of bullying


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