Newcastle Mayor, Makhosini Nkosi, welcomes 2018

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Newcastle Mayor, Makhosini Nkosi, welcomes 2018

With the school holidays having come to an end, and business officially resuming, the New Year promises to be one of growth and development.

As businesses began focusing on achieving their targets, Newcastle Municipality is setting its sights on seeing Newcastle flourish.

“While we inherited a municipality facing financial difficulty, we are working hard on improving its financial standing, as well as balancing the interests of the private and business sectors,” said Cllr Nkosi.

Newcastillian Mayor Makhosini Nkosi

Through finding the right balance and putting a positive strategy into place, the Newcastle Municipality can be harnessed to achieve greatness.

“I believe the municipality will maintain a positive audit outcome, and with the appointment of the new Chief Financial Officer, things will improve.”

While focusing on improving the financial status of the municipality, Cllr Nkosi said one of the areas the municipality would be addressing would be water and sanitation.

The Newcastle Municipality will not only be addressing its financial status.

In fact, it will be upgrading service delivery to Newcastle.

“As I have always said, water and sanitation issues are giving us problems in both Newcastle East and West.”

While Newcastle West faced issues of burst pipes and water leaks, Newcastle East residents faced more difficult problems in that it had no storage reservoirs.

“We are hoping to improve infrastructure, which will be costly but with government grants, we will be able to consider a storage facility.”

Crime will also be addressed, as Newcastle Municipality looks at working with the relevant stakeholders in town.

By-laws will also be put into place to minimise crime.

Be sure to read the Newcastle Mayor, Makhosini Nkosi’s full vision for Newcastle in the Newcastillian on February 14.

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4 thoughts on “Newcastle Mayor, Makhosini Nkosi, welcomes 2018

  • 17th Jan 2018 at 2:41 pm

    Good day Mrs Nkosi.
    How long will it take for the bylaws to know put in place?. I am asking this, as I am particularly am concerned about the heavy trucks going through Newcastle. Not only are they destroying our infrastructure, They park anywhere they like, do truck repairs where they like and leave their debris there when they leave. A case in point is All en street opposite the Casino Newcastle mall. That side of the road used to be a grassed area. Since the trucks have been stopping there all the grass is dead and its now like a desert. On very windy days it causes severe dust clouds which then get blown over the upper Arbor Park area.
    If you have a look at the potholes in Magnolia street, these are caused by the severe increase of Heavy trucks & trailers that use Magnolia street as a short cut to and from the N11. On any given day including Sunday I count an average of 10 of these vehicles going up or down past my house. Besides the old water pipes that need replacing, I suspect that all the extra unnecessary weight on the road is causing most of our burst water pipes.
    Another thing I wish to point out to is a gentleman that is operating his transport company from his house at the top end of Magnolia street. His trucks block the whole of Magnolia street while his drivers battle to reverse their trucks into his yard without any consideration to other road users. One of his trucks also damaged the storm water drain opposite his house.
    Thanking you in advance.
    Peter Fouche’

  • 18th Jan 2018 at 11:16 am

    Compliments of the New Season Mr Mayor Makhosini Nkosi and your team.

    We thank God for your dedication of bringing change in our beautiful town and we wish you all the best. We pray that God continue to protect you kulomsebenzi akuthembe kuwo.

    We hope that you will deliver on your promises of solving East and West issues.

    A blessed 2018 to all Newcastle residents

  • 18th Jan 2018 at 9:59 pm

    Compliments of the new year to the team and our Mayor.

    My worry has to be based at the location where street lights has been deserted for longer than a decade if im not exagarating. Longhomes based in Osizweni has been on a dark for a decade and yet rates are necessity.

    I am hundred percent sure that people who leaves there are all tax payers and more one per house hold. We were told its in the pipe line and it will be fixed last year but yet still again, we beggin a new year with the same issue.

    What should we do when we do not require a service of sanitation but we concerned with something else!! We have been quiet for a LONGGGG TIME.


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