How safe is your family your property and neighbourhood?

How safe is your family, your property and neighbourhood?


Newcastle’s crime statistics are a far cry from those of the larger cities, but our community is not immune to armed robberies, burglaries and motor vehicle theft.

Therefore the importance of a security company cannot be ignored. Employing a security company minimises the chances of being targeted by criminal elements, due to the service providers advertising their presence on their client’s property.

Providers such Votella Electronic Security offers armed response and alarm systems, both residential and commercial. These services are paramount if a burglar enters your home, while you and your loved ones are inside.

Through proper security companies operating in Newcastle, not only are the company’s customers safer, but so are their relevant suburbs. Before employing a security provider, it is of the utmost importance to educate yourself on their service history and success rates.

Social media is often an ideal way to monitor if a security company has failed in anyway, as residents are quick to warn people. However, it is also imperative to ensure complaints aired on social media are not merely sour grapes. Through supporting an established security firm, its operation will expand and will require more staff.

Employment will then be sought among local residents, which in turn will benefit Newcastle, as its residents are fully aware of the ins an outs of our beloved town.

By employing a reliable security company, you are taking the first step in aiding the fight against crime in Newcastle.

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